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Every person likes to keep your house clean as well as in order, is not it ?! However occasionally, small unexpected can occur. And also one of which cause even more concern, of course, is the toilet clogged.

In addition to causing bad smell, the clogged toilet compromises the bathroom’s overall hygiene and still leaves it unusable.

But that this is not cause for desperation in your home, below you can find some ways to unclog the toilet simply, effectively and without dirt:

10 Easy Ways to Unclog a Toilet Like a Plumber

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#1 Throw bleach in the toilet bowl.

One of the first valid attempts is to throw some bleach into the vessel, wait about three hours and then give discharge. Plínio Protásio, operations manager for the Roto-Rooter decontaminator, points out that flushing toilet water in some cases can solve the problem. “It will depend on the cause of the clogging. If it is excrement, bleach can clear the passage. In cases where the clogging is caused by cloths, wood, plastic, the use of bleach will be ineffective, “he explains.

#2 Throw vinegar and baking soda in the toilet

Mix ½ cup baking soda with ½ cup vinegar and throw directly into the toilet bowl. This is a home-made solution that sometimes brings good results.

Some cases it may work, depending on the cause of the clogging. But it may not work out. So, you will have to actually go to another method

#3 Throw detergent and water into the toilet

Dilute a little detergent into boiling water and throw the mixture into the toilet. Then discharge, noting if the clog has been solved. You can repeat the process up to three times. If you notice that it did not work, try another method.

In some cases, can solve, will depend on the cause of the clogging. If it is excrement, it can clear the passage. But in cases where the clogging is caused by cloths, wood, plastic, the use of detergent will be ineffective.

#4 Use a plunger

A very suitable way is to use the plunger and flush simultaneously. For this, there needs to be a good amount of water in the vessel.

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This can solve the problem of clogging because it creates a vacuum that can cause the object that obstructs the passage of water to go down the pipe.

#5 Use caustic soda if necessary

Use caustic soda only if other methods have not worked. Be very careful not to make direct contact with the product, so wear gloves and glasses during the process.

In a bucket filled with water, put two tablespoons of caustic soda and two tablespoons salt. Pour the bucket contents of the vessel. Do not repeat this procedure often, indeed, avoid it.

this measure can have an effect in some cases, depending on the cause of the clogging.

#6 Try to discharge by completely sealing the inlet air

Cover the toilet seat with a garbage bag or with paper wrap. Make sure that there remained no open space for the passage of air. Then close the cover, sit on the top of the vessel and start the discharge for about 30 seconds.

“This may solve the problem, in some simpler cases of clogging.This action creates a vacuum and makes pressure pushing down, unclogging the vessel, “comments Protasius.

#7 Use a plastic bottle as plunger

Cut a plastic bottle in half, place a broom handle in its nozzle, then place the bottom of the bottle (cut) into the toilet hole and make several up and down movements (like a rubber plunger).

This measure can solve the clogging, according to Protasius.“That’s because it creates a vacuum that can cause the object that blocks the water to flow down the pipe,” he says.

This was even the suggestion of the reader Arnaldo Placido Dos Santos, who tested and approved the method.

#8 Use a floor mop

“You can pick up a floor cloth, put a glove on it, push the cloth into the pot tightly (be careful that this cloth does not go down the toilet because it would worsen the problem), flush and pull the cloth at the same time. Note: it is inadvisable to throw toilet paper in the toilet “, explains Plínio Protásio.

#9 Use a plastic ball to seal the vessel

If you have a plastic ball (big ones) at home, place it on the toilet accent. Push the ball until part of it comes in a little, completely sealing the vessel. Then, discharge, taking care not to blow the ball. Depending on the case, the pressure will manage to clear away what is blocking the passage.

#10 Call a Professional

If you can not even unclog the toilet with some of the homemade solutions, it is better not to be insisting – which may end up worsening the blockage. Ideally immediately look for a company  or a specialized professional to unclog the toilet.

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How to prevent clogging

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Some very simple guidelines help prevent a clogging in the toilet.Check out:

  1. Never throw absorbents into the toilet bowl;
  2. Never throw condoms into the vase;
  3. Never throw moist wipes over the toilet bowl;
  4. Do not throw toilet paper into the toilet;
  5. Always have a bin in the bathroom for proper disposal of this material, preferably right next to the toilet;
  6. If you often get a visit at home, consider placing a small sign in the bathroom reminding you that the toilet paper should be discarded in the trash;
  7. Clean your toilet at least once a week.
It’s worth paying attention to the tips, after all, the clogged toilet generates a very unpleasant situation, for which nobody wants to pass!

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