50 Pretty Pastel Pink Hair Color as the Inspiration to Try Pink Hair

Of all the Pretty hair colors that have gotten trendy in the past few years, nothing has the staying power for the versatility of pastel pink hair. It is flattering to most skin tones, looks fabulous with blonde or brunette hair, and after all, what girl doesn’t like pink?

There are so many pretty pink shades! It’s also one of those shades that works well for every style. Classic, goth, grunge, preppy, punk rock, urban chic, the list goes on! Whether you’re a bright hair color veteran or virgin, pink tresses are definitely having a moment in 2018 and it is an awesome time for you to try the trend.

Whereas Pastel colors add some automatic edge to your look, pink is so feminine and soft that it is not as jarring. The really light shades of pastel pink and rose gold are almost imperceptible. Keep in shades of pink that compliment your skin tone for the very best look.

When you’ve got warm undertones go for reddish or peachy shades. When you’ve got neutral undertones try rose or blush shades. When you’ve got cool undertones try rosy, purplish, or magenta shades.

Pink Hairstyles That Are Trendy Now.

How did pink colored hair get so trendy? Just think about the shade. Of all your friend’s skin tones and styles, you can probably think of a range of pinks that look awesome on them – the same goes for pink hair color! There are so many hair color ideas from brown to blue brights, and because pink is closer to natural hair shades like blonde and brown it blends really beautifully.

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Spend money for some good quality color preservation shampoo and conditioner, and a hydrating mask that you can do once or twice a week. Remember that rosy hair means that the color underneath was lifted (lightened) and then colored over with pink, so your strands will need some TLC and hydration to look their best!

#1 Pink Curls, Braid And A Cat Hair Clip

Pink Curls, Braid And A Cat Hair Clip

Image Library: instagram.com

This shade of petal is pink and bright, but soft and romantic. Cute hairstyles such as asymmetrical asymmetrical Dutch braids really show off the quality of shade and match bold colors. Coupled with the cat clip increases your feminine aura.

#2 Blonde Pearl Rose Ombre Color

Blonde Pearl Rose Ombre Color

Image Library: instagram.com

Ashy blonde meets dusty rose in this unique color combo. There’s a super-subtle reverse ombre happening that’s a darker blonde with a grayish rose toward the roots and a lighter ashy shade of blonde toward the tips. We’ll call this minimalist pink, and we’re fans!

#3 Reverse Blonde Ombre With Pink Bobbed

Reverse Blonde Ombre With Pink

Image Library: instagram.com

Reverse ombre like this is a commitment to be sure, but the payoff is head-turning color! This style Pretty in pink, bobbed + chic!  for a unique burst of color in an otherwise straightforward style.

#4 Pastel Pink Long Hair Style

Pastel Pink Long Hair Style

Image Library: pinterest.com

Blush pink is very similar to platinum blonde. This is great news because nearly every skin tone can pull off platinum blonde, and the same goes for this pretty shade. You can see how a basic style still looks chic and has an added dash of moxie with an unexpected color.

#5 Perfect In Pastels

Perfect In Pastels

Image Library: therighthairstyles.com

This awesome hair color takes a pastel pink shade to the next level! The color is vibrant all the way through and, maybe, just a little lighter on the tips but the effect is very subtle. The pretty pink shade flatters the girl’s skin tone, and she aptly compliments her look with the pastel-colored glasses.

#6 Hide And Seek Pastel Waves

Hide And Seek Pastel Waves

Image Library: kknews.cc

Pastel pink pairs well with lavender and blue. Choose one of these colors as a base and introduce others as compliment in shades. Here is an example of the light fuschia color covering up the light blue purple hue underneath.

#7 Bob With Salmon Pink Highlights

Bob With Salmon Pink Highlights

Image Library: flakonn.com

When we think about pink hair, we are likely to imagine cool shades like cotton candy and bubble gum. However, you should also remember the warmer options like coral and salmon. These warm hues are flattering against golden blondes and light warm browns. Her medium blonde bob with warm pink streaks is something you can use for inspiration.

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#8 White Blonde With Neon Pink

We don’t usually think of “neon” and “pastel” as being one and the same, but this look will change your mind. The ombre into white platinum strands quickly diffuses the neon pink roots to a soft effect.

#9 Simple Sexy Rose Blonde Curls

 Simple Sexy Rose Blonde Curls

Image Library: wear4trend.com

This strawberry blonde is a little more strawberry than blonde, which is an amazing way to sneak some pink into your hair. A layered bob with bombshell curls never hurts, either!

#10 A Hint Of Tint Pink Reverse Ombre

A Hint Of Tint Pink Reverse Ombre

Image Library: hairstylehub.com

This reverse ombre has the effect of a spotlight illuminating your crown and basking in a pretty pink glow! There’s a lot going on between the platinum and pink, so the cut is kept nice and easy with pretty medium length layers and curled ends.

#11 Flamingo Pink

Flamingo Pink

Image Library: pinterest.com

If you’re looking for a wild pink inspired by the vibrant shades worn by anime characters, try out this light and bright flamingo pink style. Subtle peachy notes can be played up or down, depending on how light your color was lifted before the pink was applied.

#12 Edgy Pink Pixie

Edgy Pink Pixie

Image Library: e227.info

Who says pink hair has to be ultra girly? This short, edgy style features choppy layers over an undercut in the back, with expertly shaped geometric patterns in the front. The end result is a bold style in an eye-catching and complexion enhancing tone.

#13 Warm Sunset Pink Color Idea

hair,pastel,pink,color,blonde, Hairstyles, Pink | 2019

Image Library: pinterest.com

This color is made for summertime. It’s reminiscent of a perfect colorful summer sunset over the water, with lovely shades of peach and pink blending into one another. The sleek, smooth style and gentle waves really show off this masterful ombre.

#14 Perfect Easy Everyday Pink Hairstyle

Perfect Easy Everyday Pink Hairstyle

Image Library: pinterest.com

This rosy ‘do is polished yet artfully deconstructed in a way that shows off the dimension of the color. A style like this – a simple twist half-up-do with volume at the crown and loose curls – would look graceful with any color, but it’s especially lovely with the soft pink highlights.

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#15 Awesome Pastel Hair Dye Balayage

Awesome Pastel Hair Dye Balayage

Image Library: pinterest.com

A hint of color like this lilac in this short pink hair can really show off the best of balayage technique and add an interesting element to a basic blonde bob. This look uses the lilac around the crown giving a nice shape and lift to the overall style.

#16 Shimmery Violet Pink Ringlet Curls

Shimmery Violet Pink Ringlet Curls

Image Library: deskgram.net

When done right, light, vibrant colors like this violet pink over blonde shine just beautifully when styled in curls. If you have naturally curly hair that probably means that you have naturally dry hair, so be sure to condition daily and use a lightweight hair oil to define your curls and color.

#17 Pretty Blonde And Simple Rosy Ombre

Pretty Blonde And Simple Rosy Ombre

Image Library: instagram.com

Shy about color? Start with your tips! Rosy highlights over balayage are the perfect way to sneak in some color without going full-tilt. This is a fun approach for testing out creative colors without committing to a full head of pink.

#18 Best Rose Pink Ombre Ever

Best Rose Pink Ombre Ever

Image Library: thecuddl.com

Yaaas! This is pink that’s work-friendly and drop-dead gorgeous. The rosy ombre is noticeable through the ash blonde roots and light blonde tips, but It never overtakes the color. The smooth waves are just wonderful and give big, bouncy volume.

#19 Shiny Pretty Pink Hair

Nothing But Shiny Pink Hair

Image Library: instagram.com

Keep it simple with this allover bubblegum color. This requires just a little more maintenance than platinum blonde, and the result is bright, luscious pink tresses. If you have naturally straight blonde hair this is a no-brainer, but you can also achieve this with darker hair. If your hair texture is wavy this probably isn’t the best idea because straightening it to get the look would cause a lot of damage.

#20 Nice And Neat Pink Bubblegum Pink Bun

Nice And Neat Pink Bubblegum Pink Bun

Image Library: instagram.com

When you have cute hair colors simple styles like buns and braids look fantastic. You can tell from her dark roots and highlights that this color was done with balayage. The pouf of pink in the big, high bun really sets off the style and it is freaking adorable.

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