50 Stunning Ash Blonde Hairstyles For All Skin Tones

In fact, one of the best things about blonde hair is that there are so many variations of it that a shade. In this case, the specific shade of blonde in question is ash blonde.

Ash blonde hair is a decidedly more muted tone of blonde, but it is still capable of turning heads and making the same impact as other blonde bombshell shades.

Ash blonde garners a lot of attention and praise regardless of the actual shade. If you’re searching for unique hair color ideas, look no further. Ranging from dark blonde to platinum, there are so many shades of ash blonde that’ll flatter anyone.

Generally, blonde hair color requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking fresh, but because ash blonde is more muted it doesn’t require as much upkeep, which is ideal if you want to reduce your hair prep time.

Light ash blonde, medium ash blonde, natural ash blonde and dirty ash blonde are the most popular tones to highlight the ash blonde hue.

The color is also perfect for many styles and lengths – so whether you prefer a cute cropped cut or long and luscious waves, ash hair color is a great color choice for your hair.

Ashblonde hair colour ideas for 2019

ash hairstyle blonde

Ash blonde is a shade of blonde that’s slightly gray tinted with cool undertones. It’s a fresh shade of blonde that looks slightly different from warm toned blonde hair dye, and it’s become a popular choice of hair color for its uniqueness. It’s likely going to be one of the best hair trends of 2019.

Balayage, ombre, and hair highlights are just a few ways that you can incorporate the color into your hair. It’s also a great alternative to dirty blonde hair because some shades look almost natural. Dark ash blonde, ash blonde hair highlights, and platinum blonde hair are just a few variations that you might want to try. You can achieve the color by going to a salon stylist, or by purchasing ash blonde hair dye or blonde hair dye and doing it yourself.

let’s check out how you can dye your hair ash blonde yourself right in the comfort of your home.

What You Need

  • Box of ash blonde hair color
  • Old towel
  • Hair brush
  • Sectioning clips
  • Vaseline
  • Bowl
  • Rubber/plastic gloves
  • Hair dyeing brush
  • Fine toothed comb
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner

How To Color Your Hair Ash Blonde

  1. Wrap an old towel around your shoulders so that you don’t get dye on your good clothes.
  2. Brush out all the knots and tangles from your hair.
  3. Part your hair first from the center of your forehead to the nape of your neck and then from your ear to ear to divide it into 4 sections.
  4. Roll and clip 3 sections of your hair, leaving loose the one you want to start dyeing first.
  5. Apply Vaseline all along your hairline and on your ears to prevent your skin from getting stained.
  6. Put on your rubber/plastic gloves.
  7. Follow the instructions given on the box and mix the hair dye and developer thoroughly in a bowl.
  8. Picking up half-inch sections of hair at a time, start applying the hair dye right from your roots with the help of a dyeing brush.
  9. Use a comb to pull the dye through the length of your hair, adding more color as needed, until you’ve applied the dye till the ends.
  10. Repeat this process until you have applied the ash blonde hair color on all four sections of your hair.
  11. Leave the dye in for the duration of time indicated on the box.
  12. Wash off the dye with warm water.
  13. Wait for about an hour before shampooing your hair with a shampoo made specifically for dyed blonde hair and condition it with the conditioner that came in the box of hair color. Don’t forget to buy yourself some purple shampoo and conditioner to keep that dreaded brassiness (that can develop on dyed blonde hair) at bay.
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Well, now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of how to do your hair, let’s dive into the stunning ways that you can color and style your ash blonde tresses!

Whatever method and style you choose, you’ll definitely love this unique hair color. It’s a twist on classic blonde, and it’s effortlessly cool. These are some cute easy hairstyles and hair ideas that feature ash blonde color.

#1 Long Subtle Blonde Ashy Waves

#1 Long Subtle Blonde Ashy Waves

Image Library: pinterest.com

For girls who have soft wavy hair, this style is a perfect choice. This slightly layered cut can add volume to your hair, and it’s easy to style. If you’re searching for a fresh new cut and color to try, look no further – this is a great idea for a cute new hairstyle.

#2 Side-Swept Ash Blonde Hair

Side-Swept Ash Blonde Hair

Image Library: instagram.com

This picture proves that ash blonde hair can be extremely sexy, especially when it is styled like this. Here, long ash blonde locks are deeply side-parted and then swept off to one side. The finishing touch is the soft, subtle waves that are placed throughout.

#3 Long Dark To Light Ash Ombre

Long Dark To Light Ash Ombre

Image Library: instagram.com

The ombre trend is one that never goes out of style, especially when you add a cool twist to this ash blonde color. A subtle fade from a darker shade at the top to a lighter shade on the bottom is a great idea if you’re looking for a fresh new color. Consider trying this style for your next look. All you need is some hair dye to make it happen!

#4 Sensual Ash Blonde Flip

Sensual Ash Blonde Flip

Image Library: instagram.com

Taking inspiration from prior decades is always good for some winning hair looks. The ash blonde hair color here is the base for the sensual 70s-inspired waves complete with the flipped front.

#5 Soft Braided Light Ash Waves

Soft Braided Light Ash Waves

Image Library:low.onvacations.co

Braiding a section of your hair will add a unique flair to your cut and color. This light ash shade is eye-catching and stunning, and the braids will make it stand out even more. Although the braid may be bold, it’ll compliment the color perfectly. Consider trying this style for your next gorgeous look.

#6 Ash Blonde Locks With A Head Chain

Ash Bronde Locks With A Head Chain

Image Library: instagram.com

An ash blonde hair color can give a stylish boost to brown locks if you opt to go for a trendy look like in the photo. Accessories are an easy way to add some personality to your hair. Here is a cute idea to accessorize your style: a dainty hair chain is placed on top for a Grecian look.

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#7 Pretty Cool Ombre Ash Waves

Pretty Cool Ombre Ash Waves

Image Library: digihair.net

If you like to add some light waves to your hair, this cute style is well suited for you. The faded ombre color is gorgeous and on-trend, while the length will frame your face well. Give this style a try if you’re searching for an eye-catching new look, and you definitely won’t regret it.

#8 Soft Ash Blonde Ombre

Soft Ash Blonde Ombre

Image Library: instagram.com

Can`t choose between dark and light ash blonde shades? You may combine them! Smooth soft ombre can create a real magic on your hair. Find a super-talented colorist first, and describe him or her what you want. If the master is really yours, he or she will feel what you desire in a moment.

#9 Short And Sweet With Platinum Highlights

Short And Sweet With Platinum Highlights

Image Library: lovely-hairstyles.com

If you prefer shorter styles, this cute cropped cut might be a great choice for you. The chin-length cut is extremely easy to style, and it has a bit of a modern edge. When you combine it with this unique light ash blonde color, it’s a trendy and bold hairstyle that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

#10 Smoked Almond

Smoked Almond

Image Library: instagram.com

If you tend to keep it classic, a nut-colored base shade that melts into smoky gray offers an up-to-date take on ash blonde. The perfectly merged balayage is stunning on straight, silky strands. A large round brush polishes while leaving edges beveled. It’s flawless minimalist chic.

#11 Stunning Shoulder-Length Blonde Layers

Stunning Shoulder-Length Blonde Layers

Image Library: instagram.com

For a medium-length style that works well with an ash color, this slightly layered cut is a great option. Gentle layers that fall right on your shoulders will frame your face, and it’s also a trendy cut. Consider giving this gorgeous style a try if you’re searching for a new look.

#12 Ash Blonde Ombre

Ash Blonde Ombre

Image Library: instagram.com

The coolness of this classic melt gives the porcelain skin a rosy glow. Color applications like this can be difficult to describe because there are so many fashionable variations. It’s helpful to use pictures to ensure the right placement of the color and the exact hues you want.

#13 Dark To Silvery Light Ash

Dark To Silvery Light Ash

Image Library: instagram.com

This medium-length cut with blunt ends compliments the dark to the light color of this style. It’s trendy, especially because of the massive hype for silver-tinted hair. With dark brown or black roots fading into an ash blonde shade, this cute hairstyle is a fantastic choice if you want something modern and eye-catching.

#14 Tarnished Bronde

Tarnished Bronde

Image Library: instagram.com

Dark ash blonde is a good choice for those with olive skin. A single color with a subtle root fade is ideal for this modern shag, unifying the layers. A medium round brush casually flicks ends; wrap away from the face for a feathered effect.

#15 Long And Light Ash Platinum Waves

Long And Light Ash Platinum Waves

Image Library: instagram.com

This style is great if you prefer a longer cut, and the light ash color is stunning. The length is perfect for gentle curls like in this photo and easy to style. This is an awesome idea for a trendy new hair color, and you won’t regret giving this gorgeous style a try.

#16 Brunette/Ash Blonde/Gray Waves

Brunette/Ash Blonde/Gray Waves

Image Library: instagram.com

If it’s a modern take on the ash blonde look that you want, then this is the look for you. With just the right amount of edge – brunette, ash blonde and gray tones come together to create this eye-catching hair color. The finishing touch is slight beach waves that perfectly complement long straight fringe.

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#17 Extra Long Layers With Dark Roots

Extra Long Layers With Dark Roots

Image Library: hipsterfashion.net

If you’re looking for a style with a lot of lengths, this cut is a great choice. It features soft layers for dimension, and it compliments this light blonde color with dark roots. Usually, dark roots are often covered up, but with this style, it just adds to the unique look. You should consider trying this unique color idea for your next hairstyle.

#18 Ash Silver Rocker Cut

Ash Silver Rocker Cut

Image Library: instagram.com

One of the best ways to style short hair is to simply go for it and embrace the edgy side. This light ash blonde rocker cut may seem understated because it’s all combed back, but the cut and the color prove otherwise.

#19 Long Platinum Blonde Waves

Long Platinum Blonde Waves

Image Library: www.instagram.com

If you’re looking for platinum blonde hair ideas, this long cut is a good choice. It’s effortlessly pretty, and when styled with soft waves like in this picture, it’s especially cute. Give this style a try if you’re searching for a stunning new look, and you’ll surely love it.

#20 Ash Blonde Ombre Lob

Ash Blonde Ombre Lob

Image Library: instagram.com

Whether long, short or medium, bob is a hairstyle that is invariably in trend. This ash blonde long bob features a chic, chunky bang, and the rest of the hair is softly flipped in.

#21 Ash Brown Blonde Long Waves

Ash Brown Blonde Long Waves

Image Library: newofhairstyles.com

If you’re searching for dark blonde hair ideas, this ashy blonde color might be a great option for you. It looks natural while featuring subtle ash blonde highlights, and it’s one of many cute hair colors. For a lovely new hairstyle and color, consider giving this style a try.

#22 Ash Brown Blonde Long Waves

Ash Brown Blonde Long Waves

Image Library: stylecaster.com

This dirty blonde hair color features just a subtle hint of an ash hue while resembling the classic blonde color that everyone loves. Gentle waves really make the gorgeous color stand out. This style is a fresh take on a natural blonde shade, and you’re guaranteed to love it.

#23 Long Soft Ash Waves

 Long Soft Ash Waves

Image Library: bloglovin.com

This soft blonde hair color is trendy, featuring some subtle ash blonde balayage. The soft waves add texture and volume to the style, and the overall result is a gorgeous hairstyle. It’s effortlessly pretty, and will definitely flatter anyone. Give this style a try if you’re searching for a stunning new look.

#24 Soft Short Ashy Waves

Soft Short Ashy Waves

Image Library: instagram.com

This shoulder-length cut styled with soft waves is the perfect style for anyone looking for something simple but still gorgeous. The slight ombre balayage effect is effortlessly eye-catching but subtle, and it’s a great idea for a new fresh hair color. Consider giving it a try for your next look.

#25 Short Angled Ombre Bob

Short Angled Ombre Bob

Image Library: low.onvacations.co

This is another style that’s perfect if you’re looking for short hair ideas. The angled cut will frame your face, and the subtle ombre color is so simple yet unbelievably pretty. If you’re looking for a shortcut with a little bit of an edge, this angled bob might be a great idea for you.


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